India’s Perspective: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the nation of the traumatic vivisection, population exchange and the genocide that resulted as a result. PM Modi Tweeted a hashtag #PartitionHorrorsRemembranceDay on 14 August. As usual the Tweet has elicited extreme reactions of support and opposition. The usual suspects from the opposition called it divisive while the Nationalists trended it.

How Nations Confront Their History

The unforgivable tragedy is that we were deprived of National Therapy, a collective conversation to reveal, speak, discover others equally wounded and above all question.

To make it worse we continue to repeat our errors by obfuscating the truth. And in obfuscating the truth we refuse to name & recognize the gangrenous nature of what was once our limb.

జాతి జంఢా

భారత జాతి మెచ్చిన చక్రంసర్వమతాలను ఒక త్రాటిపై నిలిపిన చక్రంమువ్వన్నెల జంఢాలో ముచ్చట గోలుపు ఆ చక్రంఅదే అదే మన అశోక చక్రంభారత జాతి మువ్వన్నెల జంఢాదేశమునకు […]