A Sweeter  Panacea for Diabetes


“Despite having consultation with doctor, we are left with numerous questions and doubts like ‘what should be her diet, which exercise should she do, which medicines should be given to her during high fever’,” says Mrs Kappor of Delhi, Whose six year old daughter Avani was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. Mr Mukherjee, 60, who has been diabetes patient since last seven years is grappling with  same set of questions. These are few stories to quote but  diabetes patients has to encounter multiple questions and doubts at every step of life.And these questions and doubts needs immediate answers and solutions otherwise their life will be in peril.

But after long time, all questions are answered and all doubts regarding this disease are removed by Mr Anoop Misra , a Padma shree awardee  and famous endocrionologist in his recently launched book ‘Diabetes with Delight:-A joyful guide to managing diabetes in India. ‘Dr Misra who has been honorary physician to former prime mister of India came up with this book to demystify all the doubts surrounding the disease diabetes.

“Diabetes is a opportunistic killer and these opportunities are provided by the patients mostly in form of bad life style and disciplinary inconsistencies” writes Misra in this book.

Every chapter of the book empowers the diabetic patient to manage this disease effectively. This book answers all the questions ranging from prescribed  excercise to the recepies for patients with diabetes. Even some enshrouded and unreported complaints regarding the impact of this disease on sexual health are also discussed at length.

This book is not only beneficial for diabetes patients but is of great help to those who wants to avoid diseases like obesity. So this book by answering the scores of questions will ultimately fill the physical gap between patients and doctors.

“There are lot of books on Diet plans but this is first book that has been written specifically for diabetes patients in India,” said Dr Misra while talking about his book.Dr Mishra goes on to say that In this book we have put wisdom from two decades of research.

With proper diagrammatic representation of excercise and areas where one can inject insulin, makes this book also a guide for those, who are caring for diabetes patients.

This comprehensive and handy book along with questions and their answers put an end to all the doubts. This book will help in every possible way to make life of 62 million diabetic patients easier in worlds diabetes capital India.


Rajat Mishra is  a freelance journalist .he is pursuing  Master in Convergent journalism from Jamia Milia islamia, New delhi

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