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Each of us desire a life that’s without any problems, obstructions, wrong decisions and everything that is negative. Nobody wishes for hardships, just so they learn something fruitful out of it..But yet still adversity is the key to the treasure that opens up a whole new life for the person  dealing  with it.

I had a dream! I had decided upon my future. I wanted to fly. I wanted to be a flight attendant. I pursued my dream with undying diligence and faced every road block that got into my way with more perseverance  and more importantly a definite will  to be what I wanted to be.

They said I wasn’t comfortable wearing western wear.So stood in front of a mirror and wore formal attire for days together, morning to evening and night till I felt like it was my second skin. My hard work paid off, and I got selected to fly. I was on seventh heaven in its literal sense…Saw a different skyline each day…Lived my best life..

Life was good to me so I also found my soulmate at work place.We got married, have a beautiful son and I resumed flying again while family took care of my child. I loved my job. When in uniform I smiled not because I was required to do so but because I felt genuinely for this uniform. I loved walking tall through the departure hall not because I saw myself glamorous and worthy of attention, but because I took pride in what I was doing.

My husband and I, both worked at the airport. He waited for me at the coffee shop once I would land whilst he was on duty and we would share a cup of coffee before I hugged him goodbye to go home. Night stops were a bag of mixed feelings because I would miss my child and my husband when I was away but this was my alone time. This was the time I could connect with what I like and just be me.

I was filled with gratitude at all what the almighty had showered on me, vacations, wonderful destinations a loving family and everything was just perfect.

We were ecstatic to welcome a girl into our lives, our second child, and it felt like our little world was complete. I was on leave but yearned to go back to flying. I had realised it was going  to be difficult to manage two kids with my erroneous timings and hence started looking for a full time help so my family wouldnt feel the pressure when I would be at work.

But life had a different plan for me. Just when I was supposed to join work I was forced to resign by the very family who stood by me the last decade. Their reason was we gave you a decade of what you wanted to do! Now you will do as we say..You won’t fly…..You won’t work..This came to me like an avalanche and I was in state of shock to react..for days I couldn’t figure what had happened and just stared into oblivion morning and husband comforted me by saying that he was earning so there really wasn’t any need for me to join again..

When we talk about educating women and working hard towards their empowerment ,the real need of the hour lies in educating the previous generation about leaving behind their orthodox ways of looking at women and their jobs,their confinement to the kitchen and so on.

Those days when I just kept thinking ..(.Actually realising what had just happened to my life)…..No one from the family bothered to notice or far more ,they chose to ignore and leave me in the state  of mind I was .

I realised that the only person that would help me get back again was me..I became strong spiritually and started reading to fade away thoughts flooding my mind ..I missed my job terribly .

I started writing down what I want from life..What i felt like,what was in store for me… Why all this happened…Is there a meaning to all this as far as my future is concerned..Took up a law course to add to my professional kitty…And also to keep my mind busy. I was planning deep inside.

One can take away from a woman her right to live in a way she pleases to but can never take away her zest for life..Her willingness to bounce back again.

I am a stronger person today and I should thank those who kicked me hard when I least expected because I got back up with more vigour and attitude.

Adversity along with its friend called time teaches you and heals you .only thing that is needed from your side is a strong will to go on, make something out of this precious life we have.depression ,anxiety and fear is a vicious circle and it keeps rolling in until you pick up these emotions and throw them out of your window so far that they never see you again.

I salute each woman out there who makes sacrifices not because she is forced to make but because she knows how to make the right choices when life is a challenging game.i gave up my passion, my job because at that point in life i thought  throwing away the love of my partner and ruining my children’s life with a divorce just to keep my career going wasn’t the right thing to do….

And above all i believed in myself….So what if I have had to stop for a while…..I know from  within i shall get back with a force that is ten times more than what people assume it will be.

Life is what we make of it..Adversity is the teacher and hope is a friend.. Determination to go on is what you need and no orthodox ways or minds of people can harness your goals then……..

To life…..To women who rule their life.

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Mandavi Dhople

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