Alone in the Dark

Ah! It pains, mom, the bruises on my arm that
I never expected to happen while playing in the farm.
Turn on the lights, dad, it is too dark here.
I know you both are tryin’ to scare me to fear.

I don’t wanna be here anymore, dad, take me out
For I’ve been in this godforsaken place for almost a bout.
Can I get some porridge for breakfast, mom?
I really miss your morning embraces that make me warm.

How long will you take, dad? I shall burst this Diwali
The crackers that we bought yesterday.
I shall wear my brand new clothes in colours,
The ones we got for me last week from the city.

I have lost my patience, mom. I’ll celebrate this Diwali here
Alone in the Dark, we’ll celebrate the next one together.

Submitted By : Kawinkumar Bharatidasan

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