Have you been found sitting all by yourself by people in your house or your friends and asked, ‘Alone?’ And that expression is made thinking that there’s something bothering you and you chose to be sitting alone to sulk in some privacy. No, it’s not true. Many times people purposely sit alone to enjoy their own company, to enjoy being themselves amidst nature, far from the hustle and bustle of life.

Life has become very fast. Everybody is busy. The element of calm and peace is missing. Everybody is in a rush. With the growing technology, our way of living and working has also changed. Maximum people are living in nuclear families. We are busy with our lives and to break the monotony have parties and outings. But again when we have these parties, it is full of people- crowded, noisy…..so is this a relief from the daily stressful routine?

No, it’s not. To relax our mind we need to spend some time with nature, enjoy the quietness and calmness of it.

No sound of people shouting at top of their voice or party music or honking horns.

The music should only be of chirping birds, flowing water or gentle breeze.

It is the time and place when one can sit and enjoy own company.

Reflect on what has happened in the past and enjoy the happy moments by re-living them at the moment in the mind or just do away with the moments that left a bad memory.

Sitting by your ownself rejuvenates and refreshes the mind and prepares us for the times ahead.

It energises us and gives the ability to think and perform better.

If we give time to ourself, remain happy, energised, we will be able to give more to our family, our work and life.

Submitted by : Anjali Mehra

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