“Beat the Heat by Thinking “ Christmas  ” with Trivia!”


Christmastime is filled with festivity, ritual, celebration and good feelings. Who doesn’t look
forward to days off, fun with family and friends, feasts of holiday foods, giving and getting
presents, and binge-watching sentimental movies?

Face it, nostalgia is a drug that can heighten your spirits, especially when Christmas rolls around.
So it should be no surprise that thoughts of Christmas at other times of the year can also fill you
with joy and anticipation, and can even cool you off when it’s hot!

That last fact was proven by Mel Tormé and Robert Wells in 1945. Wells hoped to cool off
during a balmy July day, by scribbling down some thoughts about winter: “chestnuts roasting on
an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, and folks
dressed up like Eskimos.” Tormé stumbled upon the phrases, added melody and more lyrics, and
enjoyed beating the heat as well. After 45 minutes, cooler and refreshed, both had created “The
Christmas Song,” one of the most celebrated and performed holiday tunes.

Just by thinking about Christmastime and winter, Tormé and Wells transported themselves into a
different, cooler state. By being nostalgic about holiday foods, scents, sounds, feelings, story
characters, memories and cherished activities, not only did they create a successful chartbuster,
but also changed their experience, ultimately replacing their thoughts about the unbearable heat
with cooler ones.
According to science, we can all do the same! Scientists have described thoughts as waves of
energy and have found that these waves affect us and form our experience. Research has found
that our thoughts are powerful and our minds can become either our advocates or our villains. So
when we are filled with thoughts of fun Christmas times, those thoughts can affect us and our
energy in the present moment.
Science acknowledges that energy connects everything in the universe and is also a part of what
it connects. Neuroscientists have illustrated the brains neuroplasticity and have shown how our
thoughts can affect us and our energy. So when we react to our thoughts, like those of wintertime
and holiday foods, we have feelings and emotions and those connect with all around us.
Our thoughts direct our chi, or life force, which moves our physical and energetic presence, and
interjects the environment around us. Thus, when we interact with others, our space becomes a
product of the energy we create and carry, and the energy of others and what is in our
environment, both of which we allow to affect us, or not. If we integrate our energies and
environments with fun holiday memories and recollections, our experience, and the experience
of others around us, if they allow it, changes.
So, as proven by Mel Tormé and Robert Wells, and pretty much Science, when the idea of
“Christmastime,” with all its enjoyable trimmings, is invited into our thoughts, we can alter our
moods and feelings, brighten our energies, and even improve our environment. And a great way
to focus on these kinds of thoughts, anytime of the year, is by exercising our brains with
“Christmas & Holiday Trivia!”

“Christmas & Holiday Trivia: Volume 1 & Volume 2” by Julie Bonetti

Because trivia is a great trigger of memory, feeling, emotion and nostalgia. It stimulates the brain and affects thoughts. And when the focus of trivia is on “Christmas” it brings a whole different temperature and mood to your experience. Whether about holiday stories and movies, shows and music, food and drink, customs and religions, decorations and cards, or gifts and celebrations, trivia stimulates your brain and affects your thoughts. The challenge of accessing what we know or trick ourselves into thinking we
know is a formidable exercise. With a single question, we are inspired to determine relationships, make connections, and find or guess the answer, often competitively before someone else.

While stimulating your brain activity, trivia is also a unique unifier. It breaks the ice at tense moments and takes the heat off of serious and mundane situations, without making thing personal. When we hear or read a question about the holidays, memories pop up, reminding us of where we have been, who we have been with, and what the world was like, while we search for the answer.

When we know the answer, we feel vindicated and alive. When we don’t know the answer, we
enjoy being perplexed and surprised, not just by what it is but when someone else knows it. We
are fascinated as we learn something new about the holidays and have some fun, with ourselves
and others.

In fact, our fondness for trivia is so great that we have created books, board games, card games,
television game shows, apps, online games and challenges at local bars, not just about holiday
trivia but about all kinds of trivia, just to one-up each other. We scoop up breadcrumb tidbits
about seemingly useless facts and information from television, news, radio, podcasts, or
conversations, and file them in our memories, hoping to access them, when needed.
As we stumble to recall names, dates, or references, we focus on something other than what may
have been on our minds, bothering us at the time. The weather and our worries are cast aside as
we race to prove what we know. So when it is a hot summer, “Christmas & Holiday Trivia” is
the perfect antidote to cool off with.

To help do this, we are running a summer Kickstarter Campaign: “Christmas in July!” to create
funds to print and produce “Christmas & Holiday Trivia: Volume 1 & Volume 2” paperback
book and “Trivia Sampler #1” and “Trivia Sampler #2” ebooks as rewards.

Because when it’s hot and humid, our moods often suffer, and changing our thoughts with
Christmastime trivia can help our interactions and environments, just like Mel Tormé and Bob
Wells proved. Just by thinking about Christmas and cold weather you too can start singing a
more cheery tune!
Change your thoughts or help change those of someone you love, and support our “Christmas in
July” Kickstarter Campaign: http://kck.st/2tQxJSr

Submitted by Julie Bonetti
Julie Bonetti is an author with Ei Publishing. She has co-authored a unique book and series on
energy, entitled “Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change” and “Energetic
Invocations Series: A Book of Vibrational Change – Volumes 1-17,” a book of short-short
intense fiction, a book of prayers, a book of plays/scripts, and most recently a fun, thoughtprovoking
holiday trivia series: “Christmas and Holiday Trivia-Volume 1 and Volume 2” now
available through this Kickstarter Campaign and on Amazon as a paperback and as e-books,
and soon on GooglePlay. Visit EiPublishing.com to find more energized books, ebooks, plays,
scripts, podcasts, blogs, fun projects, and social media links.

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