Books – Picture jackets to the world

Wanna change your mood? What activity helps to do that?

Reading does that for me!

Even after a hectic day at work, a book of your interest will definitely be a mood changer. A thought described in words gives a picture to your imagination. Have you ever felt that while reading a book it really takes you there? As if the picture is live in front of you and you feel you are a part of it? That’s the power of books.

All books are not same.Each book is different and is according to the age group.There are many books for the little babies which hold only pictures as they cannot read and pictures give the visual effect. Depending upon your interest, you can get a book for yourself.

Books are a man’s best friends.Sitting on a chair, reading a book can take you to the other part of the world. The way a writer pens down his feelings can draw an image right in front of your eyes.

Books not only take you to an imaginary world but give you an insight into the real world.They guide you, teach you ,motivate you or lift your spirits as well.

You can buy books online, offline from physical stores or you can go to a library and read books there.

Even there is a better option. You can read books online. Kindle is one of the latest used medium to read books.

Enjoyment is first and foremost thing on mind while reading a book but there are many other benefits derived out of book reading.

Storehouse of knowledge : We get to know about many things sitting in the room of our house.

It increases our vocabulary.

It introduces us to different cultures of the world.

Books are a good help for learning the culinary skills or any art you are interested in. There is no end to the benefits one can get from books but it only depends on YOU. Read a book, enjoy it and how to use it in your life is entirely your own thought process.

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