Change Management: Fails and Successes are a choice

Being a consulting partner is a privilege. It allows you to feel and talk about the subjects first hand. As a founder of Honest Business Solutions, I am privileged to work with many organizations on change management. I am sharing learnings from my experiences with Change Management Projects.

What is Change Management?

An insight from a friend says that change management is about managing change in organization in effective and efficient manner at individual level. For any organization, change is the only way to survive and succeed. What if it stops changing? What if it stops acting on change? It is a culmination of thoughts and actions. Once thoughts start meeting actions, the result of this synergy is CHANGE.

Why does it fail?

Actually there are two questions in-built in it. First question is – When did it start? Second is – Why did it fail?

The single biggest reason is that organizations fails to own the change. THEY FAIL to ACT on the CHANGE.

There could be many reasons, but they may be clubbed together as following:

Organisations/People failed to change in time – Biggest mistake is to wait for time when you are forced to change. Why do so? It is very much important that organizations and their leaders ensure that changes are happening at right time and continuously.

Reach of Change Initiative – Any initiative is as good as it is executed. This has been spoken, written and shared millionth times. But do one really follows it? Check if your last mile person knows what his/her role is in this initiative. If they do not know, it is almost sure that your initiative is looking to fail.

Leadership Commitment – Any change, be it in Sales, HR or Finance, is huge challenge for leadership. Leaders have to display the behavior which is in line of change. Mostly leadership teams think that this is a task, a tool meant for people in hierarchy down the line. They think that they are immune to tho changes. WAKE UP – if you cannot do it, no body will do it. Period. If you cannot change, who will for you?

No Ownership of Change – One has engaged best consulting partner, best automation vendor, still everything falls flat. WHY? There is a very simple reason for that – One did not fix the ownership of the change.

Deadlines for Change Related Tasks– Change is not a journey. It is all about you play the game all along. Did you break the change management into smaller tasks? did you set the deadlines for those tasks? If not, you have set the stage for failure. During this journey, milestones should be set in advance. In a way, one must backward to move forward.

Setting up for A Successful Change Management (Ensuring Growth)

You can do following to ensure that your initiatives yield the results:

Find your “Why” for change – Why do you want to change? You have to find the reason(s). These reasons may be industry related or stage related. If you know WHY, what and how will follow.

Communication Channels – Change is big. It is threat to most, opportunity to some. Prepare a communication plan which involves multiple channels across the organization. Well Communicated is half-sold. It is very important that everyone, irrespective of hierarchy, understands and accept the ownership of his or her role.

Leadership Display – Change management is about bringing in culture, setting it right and ensuring that it is forward in nature. Only Leadership has this advantage in the organization because everyone looks up to them. Walk the talk. If you talk about innovation as a theme, display the acceptance or appreciation if someone comes up with an idea.

Set up Ownership – It is a must have if you want to ensure that things are changed. Identify and establish smaller tasks which help the change initiative. Now set the respective ownership for these tasks. It is easier to track and also efficient to move ahead.

One can talk about scientific approach or global frameworks for change management, however they are as good as your strong basic understanding of steps involved.

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