End Period Poverty period!

End Period Poverty period!

On reading Monica Lennon’s efforts in Scotland to end period poverty, this has come out of tireless campaigning and a great deal of work.

Period poverty effects women, their well-being, education, work and lives. In the Scottish Parliament one MP explained that it cost around £500 per year to ensure that she had the relevant products she needed.

This is nothing to be squeamish about and clearly a discussion needs to occur as one critic noted that there was no tax on shaving products (considered a luxury product). 

There’s no advocating here that shaving products are remotely in the same ball park as sanitary products, but it does go to show the differentials at play between men and women. I don’t believe either should be taxed nor should they not be available as and when needed. 

One example I read was from a review recently that a hospital had given out free shaving sets to men only to not even consider the issue of sanitary products for women. They were sold downstairs at a cost to the patient. What is this injustice? Where does it arisefrom and what do we do about it? 

Girls who are in education, could be another example, given all the stresses of modern life for them, do they really need the hassle of not being able to access or afford such products, I think not. Girls having to use toilet roll instead of proper products, in any environment would surely be unthinkable, but I’ve heard of such things. Girls taking time off school due to embarrassment, what effect would this have on them, their education and self-esteem?

What about the cost, ok what about it Women having their lives disrupted with an ongoing financial as well as physical cost, shouldn’t we do something about it.

Am a raging feminist, no, I just believe that we need to provide what needs to be provided for. Let’s legislate against this injustice now and make the changes that need to ensure change occurs.

Submitted by : Mark A Monaghan


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