There is a long history of enforced disappearances in Pakistan occupied Balochistan. While thousands of Balochs have been abducted and disappeared since its illegal occupation, hundreds of others have been eliminated in the line of Pakistan’s “kill and dump” policy. Thousands still remain unaccounted for.

Due to the silence and selective & Self Interest Based response of the civilized world and Human rights organizations and lack of the media or other means in Balochistan, this issue has been suppressed until this day.

Enforced Disappearance has been used as a tool by the Pakistani state to silence the oppressed people of Balochistan since the very first day of its occupation. While countless Abductees have been killed, many of them are still facing inhuman torture in army camps. Humanity is bleeding at the hands of the Pakistani state. Baloch people have taken to the streets. Families of the disappeared people suffer significant harm, they live with continuous uncertainty about the fate or whereabouts of their loved ones, often utterly disrupted by the disappearances.

Some of these missing persons’ relatives have passed away with the pain and suffering in their chests but their loved ones have never returned back to them and they died waiting.
United Nations, ICJ, Human rights organizations may not be able to fathom the plight of the families of missing persons.
Pakistan’s Inhuman atrocities in Balochistan are never exposed as there is a total media Blackout.
Enforced disappearances have been a long stain on Pakistan’s human rights record.

On 25th August 2011, Abdul Malik Baloch, a government employee and gold medalist in Taekwondo, was abducted by Pakistan Army from Qazi Abad (Nukshi) area. It has been 10 years now, locals say that he is still alive and was spotted in military camps. His family filed a court case too but that case was closed without taking any action.

Abdul Malik Baloch

The discrimination with Non-Punjabis are very common in Pakistan.
Recently, Syed Ghousllah, a 18 year old Pashtun born in Quetta, Balochistan who was persuing his study in Lahore along with his elder brother Syed Atiqullah, was kidnapped on 14th August 2019. He was murdered by his kidnappers despite ransom in balochistan ‘s MaizaiAddah area. It has been two year but there’s no sign of justice for Ghousllah.

He is a Baloch Advocate Mr Muneer Mirwani. He Is In Dark Torture cells Of Pakistani Army Since 11 Years He was Forcefully Abducted on 17 June 2010.

These are few sad stories, there are thousands of such incidents and numerous are unrecorded. According to a report released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, there has been an increase in cases of Baloch women being targeted by security forces. Human rights observers have noted that the absence of explicit legislation criminalizing enforced disappearances in domestic law only aggravates the situation.Baloch women and even children are being detained by forces in their local army camps, some of them get released after a few days, but before that, they are harassed and tortured.

Balochistan is facing the worst Human rights abuses by Pakistani forces and agencies in this modern era even under the umbrella of UN, ICJ too.

It’s a need of time for the UN, World Human Rights Organization & International Court of Justice to rethink that why were these organisations established and why are these failed to stop such atrocities?