The world is round! The scientists shouted.

Finally we find that when we reach the end of the Horizon line of the sea

We will not fall into the abyss! How wonderful, now we can explore!

A few centuries later! The Earth is Blue and Round said the Astronaut!

What a beautiful and unbelievable sight! It is all covered with water!

And now we can explore space, the Moon, let’s leave our mark!

Some years later, Earth is gray! I think we left our mark!

The hole in the ozone layer is such a mark! I know, let’s explore!

We are going to send a space probe very far from here and with some ours information

So who knows another kind of life can find and want to know us!

And find a solution to the problems created by our exploitation off The Earth.

Year 2360 AD: Hello Earthlings we received your messages,

We came to explore your planet and we need an ore that you have

after the completion of this farm, you can choose between being

Our slaves or die in the explosion of this decaying planet.

No! We still have a lot to explore! What? How Extraterrestrial Beings Live!

Well better than you, instead of wasting time exploring, we use our

Precious time in unified searches and we discover fascinating technologies! Rather than

We do not waste time fighting for territory, we divide and enjoy everything equally

For the good of all, no one is better than no one, we are not exploiters of our own kind.

We are collaborators who united construct a strong empire like titanium.

Now enough explanations, my daughter wanta a puppy ….

By Juliene Guarento

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