Guide Our Children

Children are like flowers who spread their fragrance wherever they go. A house having children is always buzzing with activity. When the children are into action, the other members of the family also get involved with them and it becomes a fun time for everybody.

But daily the children spend some time away from home. They go to school to get their formal education. Children are the same and the teachers become the guide of the children. No second thought about the fact that maximum children are naughty or hyperactive. They do not remain at one place or one activity cannot keep them occupied all the time. They are always upto some mischievous activity. They may trouble their classmates or move out of the class, it’s really a tough time with them. However tough it may be but the teacher has to keep a check on every child. It is her duty to be aware of each child’s activity. Teachers give their 100% contribution in each and every child’s work. She teaches the same to all of them. But all the children do not respond in the same way. Some children understand well in time some do not.

There are chances that the child may be taught the same concept at home before it was done in the class. And on repetition, it becomes more clear in the mind of the child.

We hear about a lot of incidents happening with the children in schools, while commuting but what is the reason? Why people have become so insensitive? What is the way to keep our children safe even when we are not with them?

Is there any way out?

The concept of repetition has been explained above. It’s easy and best way to make the child understand and remember what is important for them.

Many schools and parents tell children about good touch, bad touch. But only telling once or twice is not enough. Some things need to repeated from time to time to keep the things in mind and be alert.

It’s not only about touch but also to be safe by staying away from anybody whose actions or words make the child uncomfortable. It can be anybody – a known or unknown person whose presence or actions make the child uncomfortable.

The child should be made aware of how to react or what to do in such a situation.

We cannot always be with our loved ones ,our children but can definitely make them aware of the unforeseen dangers of life.

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