Guide to Build Successful Content in 2018 | My 3E Formula for Content Marketing

With so much of immense data available from different sources at fingertip of consumer, what do you think will make you notice in this competition? Optimizing and marketing techniques are both used for traffic generating by means of organic or paid searches. What goes with optimizing and digital marketing is content – best measure of your overall techniques.At one point or other, everybody except that content is the king. It is the content which add value to your business but what makes a content interesting that people will love to hear. So let’s start to the journey of amazing content building. I want to share with you my 3E formula which probably will help you attract lot more of customers. 3E represents for Emotional, Engaging and Emphasizing. Sound’s easy and super cool? Yes, it’s just as simple. Now, let understand it bit deeper.

1. Emotional Content

Emotional content let you build a direct connection with your audience which is essential in adding to value to your content. You know your content is going in front of humans not aliens or robots. So, try to build a deeper connection with them which will make them coming back again and again and convert them to potential customers. Let’s talk about big companies advertisements nowadays. Remember samsung television ad which come in 2017 having a blind lady crossed more than 200 million views in few days. You know how they did? Emotion. It’s highly emotional video which find its way to growth. Big companies are already investing millions of money in research to read and narrow down their audience to drive more sale from them and to provide them smooth interface according to their interests. So try to come up with emotional content every time.

2. Engaging Content

Here is the graph from hubspot which shows the importance of the engaging content.

There are many more factors though, but producing engaging content should be your priority. There are many ways to create engaging content but it differs from business to business. First understand what your audience want then script your content accordingly by adding some visuals, storytelling method or some interesting way to come up with that article. Having an interesting method to throw your content is important as it help your audience to grab it soon. Also don’t forget to have a tone which your audience want to hear and can relate to them. Another tip which I wanted to share with you is, make the content that have higher shareable rate as it is directly proportional to engagement rate. People’s engagement through like, share and comment are a major factor in boosting your post and throwing it in major exposure which is seen by all major platform like google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

3. Emphasizing Content

Lastly, what I want from you is to create emphasizing content, i.e. make the content informative and give some learnings or values in each of your content whether it is article, blog or video content. Also be sure of relevant headings as that will decide people will go for it or scroll down. Remember people are coming to you that means they are giving you there time, so you should offer something in return for that. Providing with value content becomes much important at this time. Also remember to stress on some call to action to convert your coming audience to potential customers which will increase your sales or whatever business motives you hold.

What you are giving will decide what you will get i.e. your content is going to set your customers or audience. So, while creating content you have to be very vigilant. So combine all these three factors while creating content for any topic or field and you can beat competition.

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Submitted by : Prabhakar Vikram

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