Suicide…………a waste of a word.

“I have no option left. All doors have closed upon my face now .It is impossible for me to come out of this. It can never be normal again. This world is not the place I belong to..i must go.. Nobody wants me to be around. No one cares.”

Many of us face these questions or may be some of them during our lifetime. Life was never meant to be a smooth glide .It was never meant to be simple .In fact life is a challenge each day and each moment and every single one of us is  fighting a war ,in some way or another to sustain. The rich and the poor both struggle to live a life that’s normal and though every coming day is unpredictable we try hard to make provisions for a smooth and comfortable living.

The hope inside us is strong, very strong. Many of us strongly believe that nothing can go wrong in our lives and we are the fortunate few who have been blessed with a problem free life. So much so that during the time I flew the skies as a flight attendant I carried two hundred to three hundred beautiful people from one point to another each day. We all know that in an air accident, if it ever happens, the chances of survival are plainly miraculous. And so I thank  god each time I have a smooth flight and climb down the step ladder grateful that I shall see my family. I also feel privileged to have earned the big bucks for the hours of hard work I put in on that day.

What amazed me each day were the people who travelled .They had so much faith in their fate that some of them slept like a baby throughout the flight, some of them hurriedly finished their work so sure that they are to see their boss upon landing ,some of them clicked pictures and sent them to their loved ones saying..Il be home soon………I could see the cabin full of hope for life and full of a strong positive mindset that no matter what I am getting down that step ladder in one piece.

When we can have such a sea of hope inside us in a dangerous circumstance like air travel or train travel or road travel where one mistake is all it takes for your life to end, why can’t this hope save a person from taking his or her own life when life turns to a devil. why do we see so many suicides around us .Why do we see people giving up on hope…students, lovers ,young entrepreneurs ,retirees ,housewives ,our colleagues whom we have known to be forever cheerful and optimistic???

What is it that drives them to end their lives ?It is painful when it is someone you know and you feel helpless for not being able to talk to that person and help him or her out of this dreadful situation .I agree life can be menacing and it can drive you up the wall with dark clouds all around you and nobody to hear out your pain.

I have been in a situation where I was a new mother with no job and my husband was indifferent to my pain and my fear of uncertainty.One could very well feel driven to end their life when your loved ones show a cold attitude towards your suffering…but I realized it was me who had shut down and I kept multiplying the negative thoughts in my mind to such an extent that I needed a therapist to come out of it.

This life is more difficult than it is simple ,and no matter how much we do not like to hear this ,it stays a fact. So it is imperative that we dig into our own selves and find answers to what we are going through and fight this evil urge to end a beautiful gift given to us.Try hard ,share your insecurities, find someone you can confide into(there is always a person who is willing to listen ),get back on track and defeat your evil thoughts .Life has a day of gloom and day that blooms ,a day of arguments and a day of sweet nothings ,a day of sunshine and a day of rain….

What is important is during the days that we have no hope left try extremely hard to jump out of this pit called pitying your life and grab a hand that is willing to help you……….and remember there is always one hand stretched out there to pull you out of it …….god is kind enough to give us solutions if he gave us problems… is for us to not let this candle of hope inside us die …

About the author ;

I am Mandavi Dhople. Call me Mandy. I am passionate about the way this world is made .Miracles amaze me. Nature makes me happy..I have travelled the world when I was flying and the different people I met taught me more about life and its alluring rhapsodies. I write on positivity and my aim is to spread   hope . Many of us are unaware of the treasure of potential that lies within us .Through my articles I want to be  able to unearth it for each one of you.

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