Hyderabad has a rich history which has prevailed in its monuments. These monuments take us on a journey back in time to the times of the ancient rulers. Their incredible craftsmanship and their lifestyle are evident in these grand structures we see today.

The Charminar is a global icon of Hyderabad and is located right at the centre of the city. It is actually a mosque which dates back 4 centuries. It is said that there is a tunnel which leads to the Golconda Fort from right below the Charminar, but this tunnel is yet to be discovered. This four pillared marvel has never evaded the tourist’s eye and has hordes of people visiting it daily. This may be why the streets adjacent to Charminar are filled with street shops!

It is said that many great kings failed at capturing Hyderabad because they could not pass through the walls of the Golconda Fort. This fort was constructed here after a Sheppard found an idol at this very spot. This place is also famous for the Kohinoor and hope diamond which can be seen in the Queen’s collection in Britain now. Another notable and interesting point here is the perfect architecture that creates stunning acoustics. A clap from a certain point in the entrance can be heard at the highest point of the fort, and whispers from certain points in the hall could be clearly heard on the other side. This excellent, well-planned craftsmanship has certainly awed visitor from all around.

The Qutub Shahi tombs are just a kilometre away from the Golconda Fort and are among the oldest monuments in Hyderabad. It has over seven generations of kings who are resting in these tombs and hence rightly called as the tomb of the kings. Each tomb looks magnificent and this place is perfect for an evening stroll.

The Chowmahalla Palace was the official residence of the Nizams when they ruled the state. It has now being converted into a museum which displays the lifestyle of the Nizams. As an example to this, there is a Rolls Royce silver ghost car, used by the Nizam on display here. It is known as the Chowmahalla palace as it consists of four palaces, among these are the Khilwat Mubarak, the Darbar Hall and the clock tower which has a clock that is around 250 years old.

The Salar Jung Museum is the largest one-man collection in the world. A majority of these were collected by Salar Jung III on his numerous travels and explorations. One of the main attraction here is the Mephistopheles and Margaretta Statue, which is a life-sized double statue, carved from a single block of wood. It represents the bad as man and the good as a woman. At 12 sharp a huge number of audience gather in the hall to see a small but beautiful doll that comes out of a clock.

The Nizam museum is a repository of the souvenirs and the trophies acquired by the Nizam. It has been preserved as a museum and was open to public display in the year 2000.

You can see a short list of all these monuments in our video in the below links,

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But to know the full glory of these monuments, you must visit them!

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