Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara – short stories by Rajiv Bakshi 

Why Should some one read “Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara “(Book on short stories by Rajiv Bakshi )   When thousands of books are being published every year, it’s a big problem and a herculean task for a Mom to decide what book to read and which one to skip. My Schedule is Jam packed.   I  work as a Research Fellow in Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. I have 9 to 5 hectic job, a  six year old to take care.  But still  make sure, I take a few ” me moments ” to read 10 to 20 pages every day before I dose off to sleep. Despite the  work commitments, I nurture my  passion for reading which started with me when I was a school student.
 Me being a science student did not have much taste for books of literature. But my home library is full of books on microbiology. During the days of pandemic, when I had no place to go, I looked for new books when ever time permitted. 

One book which attracted me was by a retired banker. Since my Dad is also a banker, I felt attracted to a book by a person of same profession.  When I searched Rajiv Bakshi on Google, I found a book which had a name of Journey from two places. Immediately I looked what the two places were. One was Guwahati, a city in North Eastern India and the second name which forms a part of book was Machhiwara. I have been to this historical place a number of times. This city is around 40 kms from my home.   I had never had a chance to visit Guwahati. I was inclined to read this book. But mind you, no one buys a first time Authors book even if it’s priced a meager amount of  200 bucks. I started looking for the reviews of book. I observed that  this book had 90 plus reviews and mostly the reviews were verified purchase only.

The reviews of the book were good and it helped me in keeping the book in my cart.  A few days later at my usual bed time, I searched for the name of Rajiv Bakshi on Google and I found that this retired banker was quite active on twitter too. Operating twitter at his age with a  fan following of around 10000  did the trick for me.  I ordered not one copy of book, but ordered two copies of the book. One copy was for me and the other copy was for my husband who too is a banker.  I am looking forward to receive the book soon via Amazon.

Submitted by – Dr Loveleen Kaur Sarao

Dr Loveleen Kaur Sarao

Dr Loveleen Kaur Sarao PhD (Microbiology) PAU Ludhiana, Blogger, Author Textbook of Microbiology for Health Sciences

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