Killing a nation through un-education

I know it is a rough heading for the article, but it is true, in some regions of the world it might have a different meaning. Where poverty is killing the education or some other reasons, but in our country insecurity is bringing us to edge of completely blindness. My article is only for our country and are only my thoughts, and where we are being threatened of being educated. At the same time we are being threatened by the rest of the world for being uneducated. I don’t know why i wrote this article or story or whatever you like to call. But the truth is most of us want to do so, either we don’t have time or our minds are not full-grown to care about such thoughts. The reality is that, any real life story should be noted by someone and then it’s up to others to do more research or not. This is exactly what i am doing and what you read is all in my own words.

For the past 20 years and still to-date, we are all hearing that someone got killed or being killed, by someone else in our country. I am not counting war casualties, that’s something inevitable, either brought upon us or pulled into it. Anyway I am talking about people who goes to the office, who teaches at school, who are doctors, who are engineers, who are architects or urban planners like me, or even who is an elder of the tribe or community. To sum up whom ever has a mind that can help the nation to rebuild the economy and society. Well I put the economy there so you guys don’t think that I am only telling you about social problems.

The truth is that, these people that are being killed are all well-educated and their minds cannot be corrupted. Now the meaning of education to me is not only to learn at school but there are other means to educate a person. An illiterate person can have a wise mind than a professor but we will leave this for now. However someone might argue that these wise minded people can be corrupted but not easily, probably with money, with fame or position. I don’t disagree but it is not the core part of the discussion here and can be discussed in another coming article.

Coming to the point of why they are being killed or threatened. Why their lives or their family lives are in danger. Why the rest of the world is not doing anything to stop such action. By the rest of the world I mean king or kings of the jungle, since the jungle which is our precious world and is big enough to be ruled by more than one king. Yet again here can be arguments of who the king is and who is not or one king is enough to rule the entire world. I respect all your opinions but for the sake of this article we will not go in depth of finding the real king or who should rule the world. You would also be thinking of how many kings do we have in this jungle. Mmm, let see for the sake of argument, I would say 3, but it is up to you to find your favorite number, however trust me there are very few. To avoid any political discussion let’s come back to the point of why the education is being terminated.

Now how the educated minds are being searched and eliminated. The search part is easy, as our country and nationality is made of or made as a joint community structure, and everyone knows what others are doing. So it is easy to find of who is doing what for their livings. A person can hide his identity for a certain time in our society and then once they are discovered and determined that they can be helpful to the nation so they are being put in the list of eligibility to the next round which is the start point of their abstract.

The story of how they are being identified and terminated is different in each case but have almost the same result. However just to give you a flavor, first they are being followed so his mind is set, that he is doing wrong. By wrong I mean that others don’t like what he does, by others I mean “others”. Hopefully I don’t have to explain who the “others” are. Even the nature of work or jobs that these people are doing such as teaching or any other profession that is 100% according to any law that exists on the face of earth. He is then threatened both verbally and physically. Now here is the breaking point for some, some might leave and think about others, such as their families and loved ones. But some might go ahead and not worry about such things, because they are more educated and they have the dream of building and helping the nation. These people are then put in another list for being treated as prime suspects.

These are the ones that are hated most by “others”. These people are then either abducted for a high ransom where in the absence of payment they are being killed, just like that. How they are being abducted is another topic. During the threatening or warning or abduction process they are being told that they have sinned. Now here is the fun part. What is sin and how do you define it. Books are written on them, yet still people are out there that doesn’t know its meaning. Someone might argue that they have sinned for not understanding what is right what is wrong. If sing is to be educated then all of us are in it, if it is to be uneducated then again all of us are in it. In both cases it is sin either to be educated and uneducated. It is sin to help our nation and country and it is sin not do it. It is sin to tell the truth and it is sin not to do so. It is a confusing topic, so let’s avoid it. Just to tell you the outcome that in our case sin defined very simple, trying to help our nation and people. I think the Longman dictionary has to include this in their definitions or at least in their examples.

The idea and notion of being educated and people who can help to restore a nation is not accepted in our country. I shouldn’t say our country but rather by “others”. According to them it is against the religion and cultural ethics. Then why are wasting our time to learn something and trying hard to help our country. Just because we have given what is called “mind” or “brain” to distinguish good from bad. It is argued that at this stage of human evaluation all around the world, it is easy to find out what is good and what is bad. But it is also argued that it is the most difficult thing to do. To some of us its crystal clear to see what path should be taken to reach to a level of success in life, but others finds it hard and still are not able to find the right path. If right path is just to survive like most of us are doing it, then one would say he has been successful in finding the true meaning of his life. Yet others would argue that the true meaning of being successful is where a society is successful. This would require us back to have highly educated minds and to be wiser then the previous category of people where they think only for themselves. I am not saying they are doing something wrong, but to do it better. They are allowed to be thinking only for themselves, but to others it will be better to think about society in general and make them successful so he can be successful.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a king and his adviser. They both were ruling the entire country and no one could argue with their decisions because his adviser was very very wise. Any dream that the adviser has seen came out true and he could predict what is coming next. After sometime some movements ascended in the country and both king and his adviser were not happy with them.

People were becoming wise and wiser and asking for certain things from the king. Both the king and the adviser were sad of how to deal with them and solve the issue. They were searching for answers but couldn’t find the right one. So one day the adviser came with a happy face in front of the king where he was deep in thoughts of what to do with the nation. The adviser told the king that all your fears are soon to be gone with I am about to tell you.

The king face changed dramatically and told adviser “hurry tell me what is it?” Adviser told the king that he had seen a dream last night that there will be soon a heavy rain for a month and this rain will have toxic materials where if anyone drinks will become mad and they will not have the ability to think anymore and will follow our orders. The king become so happy and told the adviser lets collect water for both of us for the rest of our lives and not tell anyone else.

They were both badly waiting for the rain and finally the rain started and in a month as predicated by the adviser the whole nation lost their minds. They all become mindless once again and couldn’t do anything by themselves. They didn’t become totally mad just become like most of us in our country. Where they couldn’t think by themselves and do as we are being told to do so. Just to let you know that we have crossed this part in our lives long time ago, during the wars.

The king and adviser started ruling them once again and they were doing as the king ordered them to do. However the adviser couldn’t predict the side effects of the rain where after a year these people gone made and now they were not listening to anyone, they were doing as they were pleased. Just like us that we are doing anything as it pleases us in our society. Crossing from the traffic sins, to selling any duplicate drugs in the market. Buying a thing in one dollar and selling it in 100, but you name it and we are doing it. The king and its adviser become once again in depth thinking of what to do now. The king told the adviser that it is hard to rule the people as they are now so what should we do. After a couple of days the adviser came up with a solution and presented to the king. The solution was to drink from the same water where the whole nation is drinking and become one of them. After days of thinking the king and adviser drank the same water and they become same as any other person in the whole nation.

Soon after they both were able to think same as any other individual in the society and once again and were both happy and started ruling the whole nation.

It is exactly what is happening here, either we have drank the rain water or our leaders have drank it. In both cases we are going two separate ways. They don’t care about us and we don’t care about them. They are blaming us and we are blaming them. In the middle we are both wrong and being either killed or threatened.  My suggestion is to drink from the same water to be on the same page. They don’t feel the nation’s pain and unless they feel it they cannot help us.

There is a saying in our culture “keep people uneducated and rule over them” same as like the rain story, but they should know that it has side effects which cannot be predicated and being uneducated is madness and will put them in trouble one day.

To make the story and this article short. We are the ones to decide what to do with our lives and most importantly with our nation and the country as a whole. If we don’t educated ourselves we will be treated like idiots for the rest of our lives. There is no nation that can help us to make us educated, but ourselves.

So let’s try our best and hard to become educated and think about others rather always thinking about ourselves. Let’s stop being so selfish and jealous of where other nations are but learn from them. Let’s all find the same path where it can take us to the success, rather all of us going on our own ways. By doing this we will only be able to make our nation once again prosperous and live in a happy social environment.

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Raqib Bismil

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