Lionise | Spend Less, Wear More.

Lionise (Verb) : To treat someone like a celebrity.

 1. How it Started?

After observing his sister spend an exorbitant amount of money on wedding outfits that she’ll never wear again, Aman Kaushal (co-founder of Lionise) had a “Eureka Moment.” He brought the story back to his friend – Payal Batra (co-founder of Lionise) and together they created – LIONISE where you Spend Less and Wear More! (That’s every woman’s dream, isn’t it? )

Lionise is India’s wardrobe-on-the-cloud with infinite runway outfits that comes with an auto dry cleaner and laundry service. Lionise allows women to rent designer outfits for a fraction of the retail price for 4 – 8 days.

Our vision is to transform India’s Wardrobe Experience by making renting a part of everyday lifestyle. Renting is not a word to be frowned upon anymore, It’s a smart and logical alternative not just for young independent aspirational consumers of India but for anyone who wants to dress up like a celebrity. We keep our customers ready for any occasion from a brunch to a wedding, by adding new designs weekly.

2. About Lionise

Lionise provides a premium rental service that gives the people access to a wide range of authentic, high-end designer wear at a fraction of the retail price.

Lionise is a fashion company which lives and breathes technology and analytics. Due to our perseverance, we’re now able to challenge the already existing systems and rewrite new rules. By giving people access to premium luxury fashion, we aspire to change the meaning of ownership and revolutionize e-retail in the process. We’re not disrupting an existing market, we’re creating a new one. Lionise is born to bridge the gap between premium fashion houses and Indian consumers.

We want to make India sustainable and still have an unlimited wardrobe on the go. Our vision is to change consumer behavior and put the closet on the cloud. We believe that half of the wardrobe over time is going to move into the cloud and a portion of what we wear everyday will comprise of things we don’t own forever. So if the customer doesn’t need it for the rest of her/his life then one can decide how long she/he wants to use it.

3. Sustainable Fashion – Rent . Reduce . Reuse

We want to wake women in India to the environmental crisis in their closets.

Fast fashion is a threat to the environment and the population. The Retail industry is the second largest polluter in the world (first is oil).

Rent – Wear what you love

Every time you rent an outfit at Lionise you are saving water, electricity and emissions used to manufacture a new piece of clothing.

Reduce – Buy Less

On an average a person only wears 25% of their wardrobe. 75% of the clothes are either dumped to grow the ever growing landfills or are just lying in their closet. By renting at Lionise, you can reduce the landfill waste and also save up on wardrobe space!

Reuse – Rent More

We extend the lifecycle of the garment through better care and sample sales. Every outfit goes through toxic free dry cleaning and the solvents used are non-hazardous, safe and more efficient to extend the life cycle of the garment.

4. Founding Members – Payal Batra & Aman Kaushal

Payal Batra

Payal Batra, is an ex-Deloitte professional and a Brand Consultant. She has led a number of nation-wide and international projects across industries giving her a diverse domain experience ranging from financial advisory, beauty, sustainable energy to even QSR. Payal is great at managing very tricky situations around extremely tight deadlines and orchestrating the project plan with brilliance.

Aman Kaushal

Heading the business division, with his “can do” attitude, Aman Kaushal, has cross field experience of working in Information Technology, Media and Telecomm. He has, in a short time, taken organizations and start-ups to an industry platform, who are not only revered for the work they do, but also for their strong service parameters.

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