“Sam, stop playing with that stupid mobile.” Lisa said. Sam replied , “Those devices are my love! They are as important as you are to me.”.”You are comparing me with that  dumb device. Now ask it to surve the lunch, I’m going to my room.” Lisa lost her temper. After a while Sam, a computer engineer by profession went to Lisa’s room to apologize her. His fashion designer wife,Lisa forgave him with a cute smile. The love birds hugged each other. “Dear, I was not playing with that mobile. I was just reading a blog on Machine Learning.” Sam said.”What is that ?”, Lisa asked curiously. The husband-wife started  a serious discussion now.

“Machine Learning is the most important aspect of Artificial Intelligence. You might have read about Sophia , World’s first Robot Citizen which recently visited IIT Bombay. That’s an example of artificial intelligence. ”

Sam started showing his technical knowledge. Lisa asked if there is any simple definition for that.”The use of statistical techniques that make computers capable to learn is called as machine learning.”Sam answered.”Basically the capabilities of computer to learn new things by its experience is the main thing to know about machine learning. Scientist are working on it since 1959. The first definition was given by Arthur Samuel . He stated that ‘Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.’ But I’ll not tell you it in detail because you won’t understand it, It needs a great knowledge of computer science.”Sam added.

“What’s the use of Machine Learning?’Lisa asked.After taking a deep breath, Sam started once again,”It has wide applications. From the autofocus of Camera to the suggestion of words everything is related to machine learning. The machine learns by its experience. If you are asking any machine to do the same thing again and again, it starts doing it automatically when you open that particular software. Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning are widely used for making the work easier. It will not be an exaggeration if we say Humanoid bots can do all the works of humans. Machines are now being smarter, modern inventions and the creativity of scientists are helping us to make the world technically strong. But then the unemployment will increase so it’s one of its disadvantages. Upcoming generation is smarter than ours , they are using various gadgets since childhood which makes them technologically advanced. The youngsters are now peeping into the technical field which means their creativity can show us advancement in the current situation. You can see auto rickshaws being driven by Bots or the machine itself studying the kids. Beyond machine learning, Self learning machines could be invented. We can’t predict how soon these advancement will come into reality. Let’s hope for the best and pray that the advancement can reduce the accidential deaths of people.”

“Wow, How brilliant you are !” Lisa exclaimed.”Now stop working and come let’s have lunch together”. Lisa added. Sam felt proud that her wife is so curious about the technology. Memorising how he turned her anger into curiousity , Engineer went to lunch then.

Submitted by Ajinkya Adsul

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