Are you happy with the current education system?

Do you want a self driven open learning experience for your child?

Do you want an alternative and deeply meaningful system of educating your child?

Everyone is well aware of the kind of system followed in ancient times to teach the children. And the present day education system is very different from it. Earlier form of education system was known as Gurukul system. Under this, the children stayed with one guru and received the required skills and knowledge. There was no set time for how many years the child may stay with the guru. He had to stay in the gurukul, do all the daily chores on his own and be under the guidance of one guru only. If he had to receive knowledge of any other skill, he had to go to another guru. The shishya or student learnt all the skills that the guru had. The education was more practical and the child got to be more connected to nature. It contributed to the overall development of the child.

The present system is very different from the gurukul. A child receives education in a school and spends certain hours there. He doesn’t have to stay in school or perform any daily chores. Leaving these aside, the most important thing is receiving knowledge. There are different teachers for different subjects which the child has to cope with. There is more of theoretical knowledge than practical training and another crucial factor is that the child has to study all subjects and cannot concentrate on his passion. His curiosity is killed studying all subjects and doing more theoretical work or appearing for tests and exams every time.

The question arises, which system is better? The Gurukul or the modern education system. The Gurukul System of education works in overall development of the child keeping his interests intact. It does not stress the child, keeps him motivated and allows him to follow his passion. It gives skill oriented education. The child does not have any fear of school and enjoys his childhood along with receiving education.

The purpose of educating our children is their overall growth and helping them lead Independent lives not producing mass workers to work and earn money or become machines.

So what do you prefer for your child- Gurukul or modern education system?

Submitted by Anjali Mehra

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