LinkedIn Local Noida, a meetup concept like never before, took place on 23rd December 2017. It was an opportunity for the LinkedIn members to make connections in reality, try their hands on personal branding and leverage personal networking for opening new doors to their success.

Killing all the digital barriers Mr. Rohit Srivastava, founder of Guru Transfer, took charge to make it possible and hosted the meet in Noida. People, who joined in, found the meet to be an explicit source for exposure, credibility, opportunities, connections and personal gains.

Today we interview Mrs.Annu Singh, Customer Account Manager at N G Software Services Ltd. Let’s find out what she has to share with us:

How do you wish to introduce yourself to the world?

As a manager, learner, explorer, a married and working women. I am currently working as a Customer Account Manager in a software company. My work there is to handle all the requirements of our clients. I completed my studies from Uttar Pradesh and am in Delhi from past 2 and half years.

Over the years, with sheer hard work and dedication, I have added a number of skills and experiences in my profile. I have worked as Assistant Manager in McDonald’s for around 2 years. I have a years’ experience as Shift Manager of Pizza Hut as well.

Pursuing my diploma and master’s degree in Management and working for these food giants, I learnt project management, public speaking and customer service.

Tell us about your qualifications?

As I have already mentioned that I am a fervent learner, so firstly, I did my Diploma in Hotel Management and then added some work experience in my career. After which I completed my MBA in Human Resources Management and Services from United Institute of Management. I have worked in software companies and also for hotels after successful completion of my Masters.

What do you anticipate from meetup concepts like LinkedIn Local?

Firstly, Rohit sir is truly a mentor for me. I think such local meets have become a necessity these days. We all are virtually indulged with our connections and such platforms are the only medium to connect to like-minded people in reality, know them personally and build a concrete network. So, big thanks to him who took charge to host such a meet. I am looking forward to strengthen a few old and new connections today.

Would you like to participate in more such meets?

Definitely, I would love to attend and participate in such meetups where people are getting a chance to interact with like-minded people and express their true self. To me, Professional networking at this stage of time seems utterly important for all those who have the zeal to grow.

What message you want to give to the world?

Look, I believe that the level of success you achieve will be in direct proportion to the depth of your commitment. So, one should just keep on moving in the path they choose, stay focused on what they want to achieve and work hard for it.

Well, this was an excellent interview with Mrs. Annu Singh. She’s truly a woman with passionate goals and has a brilliant corporate experience. Her cool and compassionate nature made us her fan. Best wishes to her for her future endeavours. You can contact her here:



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