“Oh child of god”

You came from the mud.

You are the world’s only hope

To tie all these broken rope.

I dream to make a wonderland.

By changing hell to heaven.

I see you as my pride.

That’s the reason I dream to make a beautiful ride.

By the time you will be grown.

World may play with you game of thrones .

I will make sure you are strong enough to smile

And show them giggle for awhile .

By the time I may not be, by your side.

Sharing with you the same ride.

You are god’s child

You can only be the world’s pride.

Before I die I wish to live my eye.

World may discourage you, I encouraging you, never fail to try.

Once in a life you may suffer.

Learn from the past and sooner or later good things will definitely occur.

Before I go, I will show

No matter where you and I stand in a row

I will make sure you bow and they bow

Then only all of us can enjoy this journey and go.

Written by Sarita Lamichhana

Smile for peace project with strangers.

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