I remember visiting my sister in 2015. She was staying in one of the beautiful and peaceful places on this earth. Her house was built up the hilly region and it had a very small market with a grocery shop, a cafe and a shop selling artefacts,scarves and dress material. She told me that never carry a polybag to the market.Use of polybags is strictly prohibited as it is harmful for the environment and a person using it would be fined. When I went there and bought some scarves,the shopkeeper packed them in a paper bag. I was shocked, if using polybag is harmful for the environment, then what about the paper bag?

We are cutting down trees to make paper. Is it not harmful for our environment?

It’s really difficult to understand what should be used and what not. But there’s a solution to every problem. Actually it is about the way things are used and disposed that decides the harm being done to Mother Earth.

First let’s know how and where we are using polybag or a paper bag :

*We cannot completely do away with plastic bags. Milk and other beverages come in plastic bags.So we definitely need these plastic bags.

*Plastic is not only used as polybags but also as bottles or tubs to carry ice cream, butter and other eatables.

*Many times during get togethers or functions disposable plates ,glasses are used. *Paper bags are used to deliver certain food items like burgers, wraps ,etc.

*A very common use of paper is in form of tissues.

Certain points if kept in mind will definitely help in easing this problem :

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that we should always make judicious use of resources.

*Paper bags or paper as such should be used very carefully. One of the best way is recycling of paper.

* Say no to customer copy (Printout) when making payment through debit card.

*We get notification on mobile when we withdraw money from ATM. So, we can do without a slip to check balance.

*Plastic bags should be disposed off in a proper way. There are different ways of using them.

*Plastic bags can be used to make sleeping mats with crochet. This is one way to use the poly bags.

*Plastic bottles can be used to make different things.

*Bottles or caps both can be used to make best out of waste.

*One of the ways to use the bottles can be for planting plants.

*Please do not throw plastic bags or bottles anywhere on road, in drains or in the water bodies. It causes a lot of harm to the nature. Paper should also be used wisely as many trees are cut to make that paper.



Let us be wise to use the resources at our disposal.

Submitted by Anjali Mehra

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