The Liberal ecosystem of our country only talks about lynchings if they are non-hindu lynchings, but when it comes to Hindu lynchings no cries from there side ..They only have one agenda of propagating what they call communal lynching like Aqlaq, Tabrez but when it comes to secular lynchings like Ankit Sharma, Kamlesh Tiwari, Prakash Pal or Rahul not a single word from these liberals

Recently on 28th Aug, A 23-year-old man Rahul was tied to a tree and beaten to death by four men who suspected he had stolen mobile phone, police said Saturday. The incident took place in West Delhi’s Naraina.

Istihar (30), Anish (24), Mustaq Ahmed (32) and his brother Shiraj (28), dragged the victim, Rahul, to a park early on Friday.

They tied him to a tree and beat him up with sticks and an iron rod till he died. Police have arrested all the accused

This news got lost in every digital platform as well as an electronic media, no coverage at all ..This is how we discriminate between secular Lynching and Communal Lynching

No debate was conducted by so-called liberals

No Placards highlighting this brutality

No Candlelight march. No National level Outrage

No Tweets from Liberals

The only reason was that Rahul was a Hindu and liberal consider this as secular killing. The life of Hindu is not important at all so why to talk about them. This selective outrage is eating India from inside. As a citizen of this great country, we have to stand up to this vested agenda and expose this liberal anti-national Nexus.

Jai Hind

Submitted by : Vikas Raina