Stories within Stories #LinkedInLocalGGN

With a month long preparation, the tracker sheet, the quick face to face video calls, the deal with the Hotel, the viral posts and ticket sales.

Finally THE evening arrived on January 21, 2018, kicking off an awesome fresh year start with #LinkedInLocal event at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon.

Yes Gurugram witnessed its first ever #LinkedInLocal and I witnessed Stories within Stories. Here’s how:

With an ice breaker session, the event kicked off after tea and snacks to keep us full before the high tea towards the event closure.

Firstly, Dr Richard Claydon- He mesmerized the audience with his stark Australian style and theories around Munnabhai MBBS and 3 Idiots. With his quick witted words, the topic Toxicity at workplace turned out a tonic for all of us. Thank you so much.

Vishwapriya Kochhar- Her presence in the hall was emanating so much positivity around, we couldn’t stop adoring her for what she spoke about Leadership, the P.L.A.Y way. A heartfelt thanks to her for gracing the occasion and for her congeniality.

Sandeep Kochhar- What can we say what has not already been said about him.

He is the epitome of personal branding on LinkedIn, no doubt he spoke so clearly and aptly about personal branding. He advised people to find that single thing which they are good at, as surely we all are good at something. That is what he expressed and taught us. Even If he is given a needle and a straw, he will be able to sew a story around them. Many thanks to him for being there.

With these three Rockstar panelists in the Boardroom Lounge of Leela Ambience, Gurugram, the aura couldn’t have been better.

Now the team:

Preeti Chaudhary, is one of those leaders I have come across who is a master at multitasking- with about 11 city events happening across India, she just nailed the Red Carpet launch of #LinkedInLocal at Gurgaon with the team consisting of Arun, Vivek, Amar and Pragya. The team together is sure to set the benchmark even higher in future.

It is very rare in an event that the audience comes out to the front and shares their true story.

Thank you Surya Mini Gupta for coming out and sharing your story heart to heart. Thank you also to Dr Pratibha Singh as well as Reena Saxena.

Suresh Mansharamani’s Tajurba was showered on all of us. A heartfelt thanks to sir for coming along with Uma Mansharamani and sharing their journey of triumph.

With Sumandeep going to Auroville down south to learn and practice his skill, we really got inspired by how one can go after their dreams to capture the reality of life.

This was my experience with a #LinkedInLocal, meet-up concept originally curated by Anna and then joined by Erik, Alexandra and Manu.

We had stories within stories, so much shared that the planned session of 3 hours went on to last about 04 hours and 30 minutes.

“They found what they “love to do” about each other in a crowd of 60+ using flash cards they thought were used for something else.

They were in each other’s connections knowing what they did, what they like, share and comment on, only to have never met.”

They broke the strangers barrier, with a #LinkedInLocal.

I am sure there will be many more who would want to attend a similar event in the future. Please do connect with Preeti Chaudhary to find out more and about future events.

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Arun Kumar Kashyap

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