It is wrong to project the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan as all bad. There are so many good things about it.

Source BBC

Greatest positive fact is the end of Brahminical Patriarchy in Afghanistan. That’s the biggest plus point.

We know it was a bloodless coup. Burkha has confirmed it. That means the people are supporting Taliban.

There won’t be draconian laws like CAA and Farmer’s bills. Hence the farmers and minorities will be safe there.

The poor people of Afghanistan don’t have to worry about getting lynched by RSS mobs for carrying beef.

The minorities will not be denied a flat or house for rent.

Feminism will thrive now. Nobody will stop women from wearing the Burqa, only dress of their choice.

More feminism. The Taliban fighters will ensure the women will have all the freedom to have sex with any number of men.

Age won’t be a bar either. 12 to 80, all women can have sex with multiple men. They can have all of them together too.

True freedom for women will ensure men will do the jobs women did till now. Women just will have to cook food and enjoy sex with countless men.

Taliban will officially recognize women as birthing people. Gender neutrality will flourish.


Taliban already advocated use of face masks long before the COVID19 pandemic. In fact, they’ve done it for 14 centuries. Scientific temperament of Taliban will continue to help people.

Unnecessary waste of resources on elections, entertainment and vices like alcohol will come to an end. The people are the beneficiaries of such magnanimous acts.

There will be no EVMs. That means EVM tampering becomes impossible. Hence no death of democracy.

Taliban will ensure Pegasus cannot hack the mobile phones of journalists and opposition leaders.

Most importantly, Afghanistan is now completely safe from Modi, Shah, Ambani and Adani.

Hence Modi and RSS cannot stop Subramanian Swamy from becoming Finance Minister of Afghanistan.

It’s a totally win-win situation for the people of Afghanistan, especially the women and children. Hence the Right wing Hindu extremists of India must stop ranting about Afghanistan. The country is in the safe hands of Taliban.

Dr Govind Raj Shenoy