Teaching the right way

How would you feel if you were to learn French in one day?

Is it possible?

No, not at all.

Then how do you expect your little baby to start recognising and writing all the letters and numbers.

Having worked with the children for 18 years, I have realised that these young minds are very pure and inquisitive by nature. They are innocent and do not know the meaning of tests or exams. But still we conduct exams for them from the very beginning and keep pressurising them to study. The best gift we can give to our children is a HAPPY LIFE. We should keep in mind that our children are new to this field of education and it is our duty to guide them at each step. When the child starts going to school, he/she feels very happy. This happy state of mind may continue for some but some might become reluctant in going to school. This change in behaviour may be due to certain reasons. On asking the child generally says he/she misses home or mumma or papa.

The actual reason is that playtime is over and now it has been taken over by study. All children are not same. Generally there is an age band for admission to main school. The children falling in second half of that age band will be more active than the first half. This is one of the factors contributing in performance of the child. What happens is that parents start comparing their child and feel that pressurizing their child will give good results.But no that’s not the correct approach.It’s our duty to guide our children about the right and wrong. But we cannot force them. We need to take care of some things at our end.

#Give time to your children – A child needs attention and love of parents. Not only a mother but father should also spend quality time with the child.

#Motivate your child – A small step also when appreciated leads to bigger steps. Appreciate your child’s efforts.

#Be friendly – Play with your child and be like his/her friend.

#Have patience – The child will take time to do some things. Have patience. Leave it there and then. You can come back to it later.

#Do not expect instant results.

#Comparing your child is a big NO. It upsets the child.

Let’s teach our children today so that they can read and write tomorrow but if we start expecting from them to read and write from day one, we will never be successful.

Dealing patiently with the child and giving time brings the desired results.

I would close it on a quote I read,

“Children have a different spelling for the word love.

We spell it l-o-v-e, they spell it t-i-m-e.”

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