An indian folk tale worth revisiting……

A rich and arrogant king said to his minister: “Despite wealth, fame and people to serve all my commands, I am not happy. I want to know why. Is there anyone who could help me?”

His minister replied: “Sir, go and talk to Sukhdev, a poor farmer who lives at the far east end of your kingdom in a remote village called Kantipur”.

The king was wondering how could an uneducated villager enlighten him.

He went to Kantipur, met Sukhdev, who was getting ready to return home after a day’s hard work at the wheat field. No trace of fatigue nor pain in his face. He was even chirping and singing like a flying bird. The king asked him “the” question. Sukhdev stopped singing, nodded his head and requested the king to follow him. On his way to his hut, he received his daily wage of 4 silver coins from the landlord who owned the wheat field.

When they reached his home, Sukhdev greeted his parents and gave them 1 silver coin. He told the king this he considered as an instalment of a loan he was repaying to his parents for all that they had done to him since his birth.

They entered the house and met his wife. Sukhdev gave her 1 coin, commenting it was his duty to feed her as she trusted him and lived wih him since the day of their wedding.

The next person they met was his sister. She was a widow. Sukhdev gave her 1 coin with an explanation that there was nothing which obliged him to take care of his sister but he was doing this out of kindness because she lost her husband.

The last one to whom he gave the last coin was his son. He told the king this was his investment. When he grew old and would be unable to work, this investment would pay him returns.

The king asked him: “You have given everything to others. What do you have for yourself?”

Sukhdev laughed and replied: “Happiness.”

Submitted by : Ravindirin Zearamane

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