It happens! Or atleast, it has happened for everyone at any point of time. Whether you are staying at hostel away from your parents, or in a new PG accommodation in a new job, new city full of strangers. It happens to even the most enthusiastic, socially active people. A feeling of emptiness, nothingness and completely lost. It is what lead us on to depression, suicidal thoughts and fogging our memories. In UK, a statistic shows that 9 Million people feel lonely always. 85% of young disabled adults are in this category. If you feel struck, how to overcome that feeling of loneliness? These five tips will help you overcome the sense of loneliness within you.

Tip 1: Own a pet

No one can be as supportive as those furry friends. Having a dog or a cat, those loyal friends, will keep you engaged. It will definitely make you feel loved. Nothing else is as good as those selfless Dogs or kittens.

Tip 2 : Carry on with your hobbies

Everyone has that special hobby. It might be calligraphy, dancing or reading books. You will never feel bored or sloppy. This will prevent that lonely, sullen feel in your heart.

Tip 3 : Read books, in specific

Books can be the best companions one can have. Keeping yourself in the company of books will prevent you from getting bored. You lose yourself in the world of new characters you meet on the books. Every book teaches a special lesson for life. It will be a great experience which you will cherish.

Tip 4 : Make crafts

Bring out that artist within you. Paint, try out embroidery or recycle the waste items into shiny new accessories in your home. It will boost up your energy level and keep you fresh.

Tip 5 : Make new friends based on your interests

If you love football, head to the football club or league in your area. If you are a book lover, move on to library. Do not stay idle. Meet new people who share your own interests.

Tip 6 : Try out new dishes

Cooking and eating has a lot to do with your emotional level. Cooking from the heart and sharing it with your friends will leave you feel super cool. So, why wait? Bake a cake or fry those potatoes crunches and offer it to your friends.

So, what makes you wait? Stay engaged and prevent yourself from staying lonely.

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