Life is string of events on a bar curve .The curve sometimes shows an upward trend and sometimes a very steep low trend .We are conditioned since birth to live comfortably ,find things we need at our finger tips and keep troubles away.

A baby , though tiny and dependant knows exactly how to get itself food ,a comfortable surrounding and company of his closest family members.

Similarly as adults we detest the feeling that something is not right in our lives. However inevitable ,we never look forward to failures .At the onset of a crisis situation we shut down ,not believing that this is happening to us.

Nobody on this planet ever had a smooth life except for the saintly ones who gave up all worldly pleasures . The first best thing is acceptance of the situation we are in. When the mind accepts it starts working towards what do I do next, what solutions do I have to come out of this.

As much as we hate our lives losing its balance ,we also are an epitome of hope within ourselves .Each of us have a voice shouting deep inside of us saying, this time shall pass .We hear that voice often but thoughts of uncertainty and repeated events of failure dull out that voice .This is the time to calm your mind ,silence your fears and move ahead step by step pushing yourself out of this.

Before you start on any concrete actions it is of utmost importance to repair yourself mentally and emotionally. Mend your thoughts, weed out negativity and sow seeds of   hope , strength and belief. Then you are ready to tackle the situation with a clear mind .Keep faith strong and make failure your teacher. Learn lessons as you move forward. Have a spiritual backing. You may feel betrayed ,people you called friends may seem like strangers and things may seem like they will never change.

However it does not rain forever. Many a times failures are a repeated chain of events forcing us to lose hope .Our mind starts to believe that it is impossible to succeed now .Diligence plays an important role here. We may not find victory in the first few attempts ,it may take time till people around you take notice and value your cadre .But the key is to go on with integrity towards your actions and a firm goal in your mind till you reach where you are destined to be.

Each time that failure strikes we are less affected than we were before. Acceptance seeps in. But this acceptance should not be misunderstood as acceptance of defeat. It is an acceptance that, yes I may have failed again however I am willing to get back with the promise to succeed.

Man tried umpteen times before he discovered fire and before he mastered hunting to survive .Today  the challenges we face may be different from what we faced eons ago. But what stays constant is the human mind’s hunger to try till we succeed.

In this lies the true essence of being alive. When we give up ,we are  dead from within ,only pretending to be living to the world around us.

About the author:

Hii,This is Mandavi  Dhople .I began my career flying the skies .I pen down my thoughts regarding life and its challenges, the moments of joy ,moments of sadness, the lessons we learn. In the process I wish to connect with each one of you , your thoughts and send you excerpts on living life to its fullest capacity. We just have one,  so  lets make it count!!

Submitted By Mandavi Dhople

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