Unclutter Your Life and Re-awaken your Brilliance!

Tradition and cultural practices have often been the potent source of many a great message and wisdom that very often nourish our thinking and impact our value systems. No doubt, stories from mythology and the spirit of festivals even today mean so much…

The festival of Gudi Padwa is being celebrated today in many parts of India, a good time to observe why the festival is celebrated, and throw some light on its significance.

Gudi Padwa is the first day of Chaitra month that marks the beginning of the New Year according to lunisolar Hindu calendar. It has many other names such as, Ugadi and is celebrated with grandeur in Maharashtra and in certain other states of India.

It is one of the most famous harvesting festivals that marks the end of one season and the beginning of a new one. On this day, the sun assumes a position above the point of intersection of the equator and the meridians, which according to the Hindu calendar marks the commencement of the Spring Season. People prepare a variety of cuisines on this day and later climb a nearby hillock in the evening. For me, the favourite festivities include – people engaging in spring cleaning, wearing new clothes, and beginning their day by eating bittersweet leaves of neem tree or a paste which is prepared with neem leaves, jaggery and tamarind. The paste is believed to purify blood and strengthen the body’s immune system.So it’s the complete cleansing of not only our surroundings and ourselves, but also the simultaneous building up of a stronger system within!

Indeed though the spring-cleaning could appear a mere activity of mopping, wiping, removing dirt, and a re-organisation of all that we own and simultaneous getting rid of a lot of useless stuff; it also has some more far reaching implications and meaning .It helps remove much clutter and build an overall state of clarity and focus.This is so fundamental to conscious thinking and action in our lives, and in fact forms the foundation that helps people reach higher levels of awareness.

A clear space is like a blank canvas, available to be used to create a masterpiece.

On the other hand, clutter has a damaging effect on our focus, whether we realize it or not. Our brain thrives on order, in our physical environment. To increase our ability to concentrate (and finish what we start), we must first  organize our workspace and living space  for increased productivity and to experience the freedom that comes along with it.

And that’s exactly why cleaning up the clutter is worth our time. The goal is to be able to walk into our workspace every single day with laser focus. A serene, organized environment guarantees that our brain is not distracted by things; instead, it sees only the high-priority tasks at hand.

So far so good, however it now calls for taking the discussion further into the realms of our mind, our thoughts and emotions. What about a spring clean for our minds?What thoughts are going on up there, which are not serving us well or are taking up space they are not entitled to?What talents and passions are hiding in there, covered in cobwebs, not tapped into?

This occasion marks a good reminder for us to give a serious thought, about what we are good at, what our strengths are and how can we incorporate these into our daily life.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci once said, and I don’t think anything could be closer to the truth.

We are our most happiest with a simple and meaningful life.

How can we uncomplicate things for ourselves?

Overthinking is one of the most rampant sources of stress and mental clutter. Most of the time, the real problem in any situation is not so much the problem by itself, but  the incredible amount of overthinking that goes into it. Time – we let it go and be free.

Positivity always pays off in simplifying outcomes. So before you waste it on anger, resentment, spite or envy, think of how precious and irreplaceable your time is.

Whether you start with a cupboard in your bedroom or the closets of your mind, this clutter clearing exercise will make you feel lighter and happier than you ever expected.

So friends, its festival day and it’s the onset of Spring! What a wonderful time for spring cleaning and decluttering all areas of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Let’s walk that important step in releasing and freeing the otherwise stuck stagnant energy that may have been preventing us from creating the life we dream, desire and deserve. When we remove these blocks, from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live, and share our gifts with the world.

Consciously examine your life and target those things that you are carrying with you from the past that are no longer serving you in the present, and make room for those things that you would like to bring into your life, and that you may have previously neglected.

Rest, exercise, and spend some time in silence and solitude. It is essential for us to balance our activity with relaxation, and ensure we get replenishing sleep each night.

Closing thought, with this quote from H.Jackson Brown Jr..;

Submitted by : Namita Sinha

About the Author :

Namita Sinha is an Internationally Certified Success Coach and Life Coach with ICF credentials (International Coach Federation). She is also a Career Strategist, Behavioural Trainer, Writer and Speaker on a mission to help everyone unlock their infinite potential and build an extraordinary purposeful life.

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