National Animal of India – Bengal Tiger

There are a lots of positives in the new found phenomenon of a significant number of Hindus asserting their religious identity and beliefs. Though it hasn’t conquered the 3M (Marxist – Mullah – Missionary) axis, it has definitely put hurdles in the way for the enemies of Hindu India. There is resistance now. The illegal demolition of a 500 year old temple in Nanjangudu in Karnataka has created enough uproar for the napping Government to wake up and act.

This is not a Tiger

Media & social media smear campaigns and fake news peddling aren’t a cakewalk anymore. The “Internet Hindus” are smashing the “Unbrahminical Patriarchy” of 3M effectively. Individuals are fighting fake news against RSS / BJP better than the so called BJP IT Cell. There are at least a hundred individual, genuinely Nationalist people doing much better job than Amit Malviya, the Kumbhakarna of Rajkot.

But this reassertion of Nationalist spirit has a flip side to it. The 3M understand that there are large number of Hypernationalists, Trads, Swombies and purely gullible among the Hindus. These people are being manipulated. Yeti Narsinghanand is the best example. This former Namajwadi Party supporter was let loose through carefully coordinated press-meets and incendiary statements. Lo and behold, the man was a Trad Hero. People were convinced he was better than Modi and Yogi. Fortunately, the paint has washed off and the real colors are out now.

Similarly, Trad heroes are sprouting in every nook and corner. Initially, they are all aggressive about Hindu causes. Once they have enough followers, the Anti-Modi, Anti-Yogi, Anti-RSS and Anti-BJP fangs are bared. They’re ready to bite. The whole plan is to “Divide and Rule”. This is part of the “Toolkit” and there’s no doubt about that.

By making half-baked Nationalist flavored movies, the Islamo-Marxist Bollywood is trying to regain their audience among Hindus. The money we spend on these movies continues to fund the Anti-Hindu and Anti-India agenda of our enemies. Hence it is important for all of us to understand a simple truth. There is “No party for Hindus”. If any party has done anything for Hindus, it’s only BJP.

If anyone is asking, “What has BJP done for Hindus ?” I have a simple answer. I cannot enumerate all the great things Modi Government has done for Hindus and India in the past 7 years. But what they haven’t done is the most important. They didn’t bring “Sonia’s favorite Communal Violence Bill”. That one bill would have destroyed us forever.

Dear Gullible Hindus,

Please understand the truth. What Modi hasn’t done for Hindus is work in progress. Don’t act blind to what he has done. If someone says, “He too is pursuing appeasement of minorities”, just remember he is restoring balance. He’s creating level playing field for Hindus. He cannot wish away 35 Crore minorities. They too are Indians and as RSS Chief said, “They carry the same DNA”. Whether they like it or not and whether we like it or not, that is a fact.

So wake up, wash your eyes and see. There’s no tiger there. That’s a dog, sent to bite you and spread the Rabies of divisive agenda. Caste, State, language and more divisive issues everyday. We can see the “Cycle” in the background. There also is a “Hand” carrying a “Sickle” in the background. The “Hammer” of Melards and the “Stars” too are there. For once, the Arvind Kejriwal dialogue suits, “Sab Mile Huye Hain Ji !”

RSS, BJP and Modi may not be perfect. They have their shortcomings. But their intentions and their dedication towards Nationalist causes cannot be faulted. We don’t have any other alternative. What will happen if BJP is out of power ? Just look at Maharashtra, West Bengal and Kerala. Only unity can save us from multiple enemies. Unite behind BJP. You won’t have to regret !

Submitted by Dr Govind Raj