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WashCo Car Care — a brand of Cleanway Corporation – was conceptualized in 2015 by wife and husband duo –  Namita Chatterjee and Sandipon Chatterjee – a teamwork by young, dedicated and first generation entrepreneurs committed to environment. We endeavor to save water and protect the environment by providing eco-friendly cleaning a waterless revolutionary car care services.

The startup was basically envisaged as a one stop-destination for the waterless car wash service provider for both individuals, corporate and also act as a role model for the rest of the car wash companies by providing extraordinary services at doorsteps.  The brain child of the founder Namita Chatterjee and Sandipon Chatterjee – Co-Founder and CEO with 15 years of experience with ICICI, GE, HSBC, and SIS. Sandipon Chatterjee’s forte is operations, marketing and customer relation management.

What is WashCo Car Care?

WashCo Car Care is a waterless car-cleaning service which is unrivaled – a brain child of Namita Chatterjee wife of Sandipon in 2015.  “She was concerned about the environment and wanted to take a proactive step. At that time I was gainfully employed but at her positive prompting I got involved,” says Sandipon Chatterjee, co-Founder and CEO of WashCo. We both wanted a strong environmentally friendly brand offering exceptional customer experience at door-steps.

Why WashCo Car Care?

It’s of no secret that the automotive care cleaning the conventional way splurges water and releases toxins like soapy suds, brake dust and car oils into the environment. After developing an understanding of the issues associated with the conventional car care services, we at WashCo Car Care decided to take matters into our hands, align our philosophy with the global movement towards eco-friendly technology and step into the world of unconventional car cleaning and thus ‘Green’ car cleaning service with waterless car wash and wax products to carry out an efficient car detailing job.

Vehicles in India will increase to 400 -500 million in next 20 years from the current 60-70 million, reveals a survey. Lets presume that a mere 5 liters of water (data from the International Car Wash Association) is used per day by 40% car owner for the conventional wash resulting in  approx wastage of 51 billion liter of water annually, this can be diverted for household requirements of approx 91 million annually.

But, there is a lot more to being environmental than just being waterless because we minimize ecological footprint by involving environmental safety into every aspect into our operation. The startup was built upon the principle that it is a corporate responsibility to be environmentally sustainable through use of biodegradable cleaners.

Why the urgency now?

Water crisis is a situation which the whole India is facing and we wanted to do our constructive bit. Water supply in India may fall 50 percent below demand by 2030, the Asian Development Bank has forecast. Nearly 163 million people among India’s population of 1.3 billion – or more than one in 10 – lack access to clean water close to their home, according to a 2018 WaterAid report. Almost 600 million people in India are at high risk of being unable to continue relying on surface water – expanding population, growing demand for water and poor management of water supplies have sent India’s groundwater to ever lower levels. This is the reality, combined with rising temperatures, threatens worsening scarcity. We are living with ‘Day Zero’ scenario for a while now, WashCo was our step in the right direction, says Sandipon Chatterjee with a grim look.

What is Day Zero?

It means the day when the taps run dry and people will long for a drop of water to quench their thirst. Given below is a map as per WHO showing the cities which may shortly face  Day Zero. This will be an alarming situation and let us all start using water judiciously and to save and conserve it and stop water wastages at all costs.

Can WashCo Car Care deliver?

Yes we clean car exterior, interior, windows and on all levels of dirt from light traffic film to heavy mud — providing a better result but also longer lasting protection, says Sandipon with confidence. We are superior to traditional car washing methods. Being waterless, WashCo Car Care service can be performed anywhere – home, office, on the street. But our ‘edge’ is our team – a network of dedicated professionals providing local expertise.

Superior Finish – Our process thoroughly removes dirt and leaves a polymer coating on the paint surface which gives a “polished” mirror finish.

Protective Coating  — The wax coating left by our process actually keeps dirt off the paint – this means that light reflects off the paint even as it gets dirty, making the vehicle look cleaner for longer. . (e.g. dirt, water staining, UV damage, etc)

Longer Lasting — The protective wax coating lasts longer protecting the vehicle from the harmful effects of the environment.

Scratch free- By encapsulating the dirt and acting as a lubricant, our cleaners prevent dirt from scratching the paint during the cleaning process, unlike traditional car washing processes.

Professionally  Trained Staff – All WashCo Car Care’s staff goes through an induction training to ensure compliance with our  quality service standards.

Environmentally Friendly — The cleaners liquids use require only 100ml of product – a saving of 180 litres of water versus traditional car washing techniques. In addition, our products are biodegradable.

What are your future plans?

Seeing the ‘Day Zero’ alert I realize my commitment to the environment and I am doing all I can to raise awareness and industry standards. This is not easy as my day begins at 4ish and is hectic. Delivery at door-steps with an impressive client list is in the making. From starting as a 2-car operation in Lucknow in 2015, we are growing and the best is yet to come as we look for venture funding, says Sandipon.

We are introducing new channels and technologies to take us to the mass market in Lucknow with the introduction of mobile phone App (tracking of manpower, customer feedback and complains) will take the door-to-door service to an entirely new level offering opening unprecedented business opportunity and unparalleled service delivery to customers. Monthly Billing will be automated and auto-sms\Voice calls for follow-ups from June 2018.

Ultimately we are a company connect people with our unique car cleaning services that makes life simpler and better, saving environment by adapting waterless concept and empower the underserved people to connect with us to earn more for a better lifestyle.

Submitted by : Mamta Singh (+91 99877 83347)

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