What option does a Graduate have in today’s scenario?

It happens to all those engineering graduates. Once their 10th results are out, they get to choose the Maths group. Months of cramming and memorizing important formulae, theorems and what not? After toiling hard for a year, they get to attend their public exams and once they complete it, it’s the result day. Total marks, cut-off, percentage…these 3 words will be on repeat mode for the following days. But somehow, they triumphantly enter the confusing world of Engineering.

It’s a costly affair. The fee might be in lakhs. Not all those engineering students take up the course with interest. I still remember on our first day of college (yes, I am a graduate too). We were asked to answer how many of us have chosen engineering out of sheer interest. Only a handful of students rose their hands. Obviously, I was not one among them. I remember those days when I used to write poems, journals and blog posts during M1 and Engineering physics.

Then they complete their most important 4 years of life. Whoa! Walking down the memory lane, you realise you have learnt a lot, especially identified yourself. The heartbreaks, friendships, betrayals, stress, pressure and whatever they face will mould them into a new person. This scenario will be interesting. When you complete your final year, you are either eligible for degree or not. Some finish up successfully, enter a posh MNC with a high salary package and are considered a star among their relatives and friends. Some may have entered the world of their real area of interest, not merely what they enter in their resume. It might vary from photography, music, film industry and anything. They say Karma is a boomerang. Whatever you have done for these last 4 years will come back to you. Maybe those poems and blogs which I have written have returned in the form of Technical writing job for me.

Some engineers(I mean the graduates) are still in the identification process. They might have spent their 4 years studying and equipping them for the interviews they have to wait for and attend in the future. All they need is a job, but with nearly 3 lakhs graduates in a single state(let’s say Tamil Nadu), the competition becomes tougher. They get nervous, confused and freeze. Not all the graduates get into MNCs or have a package of 10-12 lakhs. It’s a well known fact nowadays. In my opinion, the problem is not with graduates or education system. The problem is with the society.

Learning is a self process. The syllabus and curriculum is apart. If you have that true passion and interest to learn electronics, you will. You keep searching for the best in your horizon. So, I think it’s pointless to blame the curriculum. With no proper guidance and support, it’s hard for a fresher to step on to this competitive corporate world. It takes time.

The society has categorised engineers who take up their core or software jobs as the best fit. You are judged based on your marks. This judgement is unhealthy. Everybody is unique and has their own dreams and passions. But there are many dreams that have withered under the pressure of this society. It must not be the case.

If you wish to become a journalist, you are born for it. If you wish to become a singer, then the stage is yours. If a graduate is not placed in a company, they do get judged. But it’s better to turn deaf ears to this society and go in the direction of your passion. It is you who is going to live your life, not your neighbours or your relatives.

Everything takes its own phase of time. It might be tough at the beginning. But remember, no job is minimal. Every job has its challenges and chances to explore. Step up, make your decisions and go ahead. Be the butterfly, not the cocoon.

Submitted by : Amrita Anagappa

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