As a writer, I am obliged to search, create, share and attribute my thoughts in an effective and effectual manner. That has made me more responsible, since writing is all about dedication and honesty. Unless you write a fiction, you cannot document anything that is as per your imagination. Writers are very much involved in spreading their word of awareness and philosophy, in some way or the other. Each writing material demands a different style of writing. We writers are very much aware of it. We have to mould ourself and embellish our mindset in such a way that we are able to project our idea easily. Writing is all about your way of thinking. What you think, you write. If you think it’s tough for you to focus on the concept yoj are going to write, then you need to take a break, relax, calm yourself and think. It requires a lot of patience from your side. A write who is in demand knows this. Who said writing cannot be a profession ? Writing does not settle itself in a corner. It involves lots and lots of aspects. Moreover, writing is the backbone of any business. With an impeccable user manual, content marketing, slogans, captions and necessary documents and write-ups, you can take your business to soaring heights. Not only this, a word can change the situation according to your wish. It is very much true that pen is mightier than a sword. A sharp, clear and straight forward word could change the state of your business. It is experienced by many businesses and MNCs. No profession is minimal. If you are willing to put that effort and dedicate yourself into it, then you can reach heights. Every profession will teach you lot of lessons. Let us know what your profession has made you feel.

Submitted by Amrita Angappa

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