Trademarks are amongst the most valuable  assets a company can be in possession of, and yet no-one is capable of determining how much a trademark really is worth or why. (This may not be entirely true, there are actually formulas for that! (Added by me the author, Céleste)).

We are surrounded by trademarks/brands. The clothes we wear, no matter what kind or where it came from, is part of a trademark/brand, unless of course one makes ones own clothes by hand. Even so if one does that, one might consider trademarking the brand and in doing so begin earning money. A polo shirt by Ralph Lauren is worth more than a polo shirt by M&S (I use slightly different brand-names here for it to make more sense for my british audience) shoes from Chanel are more expensive than shoes from Clarks. And thus I may continue eternally.

The cars we drive are trademarks/brands too. The same goes for bicycles🚲, I am Danish remember we use bicycles a lot, and not least the busses and trains that make up the public transport system. Then there are the slightly more alternative means of transportation such as roller skates, skateboards, scooters . The list of brands/trademarks is nearly unending.

The interesting thing is that arguments are bounced about regarding the actual value of a certain trademark. Value estimating companies come up with answers that differ dramatically from one another. Often times the value of a trademark is not even entered into the book keeping accounts for the company. Simply put because of the complexity and difficulty in the process of finding the value of the trademark.

Some say that the success of a brand is due to its ability to inspire costumer loyalty. Some people will even declare that costumers/consumers are willing to die to have an Apple-product. Others have a more aloof or distanced attitude to the subject and will claim that the consumers are not aware of what kinds of brands are “out there”, implying in the vast world. There are even some people who claim that the value or rather significance of trademarks are decreasing.

How true that is, will be up to each individual to decide for them selves. I do not necessarily agree with that last statement. The decrease in value of trademarks in general that is. […]

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