When the young die young…

When the young die young…

On Friday 1st March 2019, the sirens of the ambulance were heard across East London, when seventeen year old Jodie Chensey was fatally stabbed in a park. This is the eighteenth homicide reported in the Capital this year, and we are only just in March.

As yet it is unclear as to why this tragedy has occurred, experts will investigate, people will talk and conclusions will be drawn. As we speak, another life may be lost or threatened.

A young person with aspirations and a wanting to succeed, having their life taken from them is tragic. Wanting to meet up with friends, go out, socialise, study, and just participate in everyday life all have potential life changing consequences, unforeseen by many going about their daily lives.

Who wants to live in a world where people are afraid to go out and be part of society? To engage and support one another whether going for coffee, or going to a park to talk to friends.

There is no speculation required as to the cause and effect of why such hideous crimes occur, likewise there is no reasoning or logic. Social theories abound as to why such crimes exist, and yet we have no solution. Young lives with everything to live for are taken in a matter of moments. 

Knife crimes, have victims across all areas of society, we need to come together to eradicate this cancer and take it off our streets. Academics will theorise, the police and the courts will do what they can, but what does everyone else do? We need education to understand who and why people are carrying knifes. Prevention surely needs to be the first port of call in a very stormy sea. I have never heard the adage ‘I’m just carrying it for protection’without ‘I would use it if I had to’ never, period. Had to? In what situation do you have to use a knife? None if you don’t have one in the first place.

We need to really ask these questions and only then will we find the deterrent. Does this mean I advocate going gently on people who carry or use a knife? No, I’ll be clear and say that there needs to be a strong message given to those that act in such an irresponsible and reprehensible way. If this is sentencing then so be it.

I often work with young people who are drawn into the carrying of weapons and we have the discussion of why and what, I usually follow this up with when in two ways:

1. When you’re just about to draw your weapon do you think of the consequence?
2. When you have used it, do you then think, what have I done?

To be honest some tell me they don’t think in either of those scenarios, and this for me is the most frightening and chilling of all.

The battle against knife crime is ongoing, the ‘need’ by some to carry a weapon is sadly ever present.  We have to come together to find solutions to this problem.

Once someone takes a life, the effect on everyone is monumental, the victims, their families and friends and possibly those associated with the perpetrator.

We need to change this and change it now, for the sake of our society and the young people who are our future.

My deepest sympathies go to everyone affected by knife crime and its outcome.

Submitted by : Mark A Monaghan

3rd March 2019



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