The Indian Express Report stated a significant downfall in the net hirings of 121 listed companies in 2016-17 – reporting 1.52 in percentage and 11,318 in numbers. IT Industry, one of the top employment generations of the country, bid goodbye to 56,000 employees.

When asked, industry leaders monotonously blamed automation and digitization for such massive layoffs. Job holders are facing a tough time at the moment, struggling to escape from the cross-cutting, but this unfolds opportunities too – an opportunity to inculcate some new skills and avoid the axe from the companies:

1. Intrapreneurship – Intrapreneurs are the employees who wear the shoes of entrepreneurs. Think about doing a job like you would do your own business – stay motivated, be creative and think out of the box to develop company’s mission into a reality. Don’t think just about getting increments and promotions – try to create a value addition to the organization.

2. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence may be projected as the biggest threat to human labour, but in the end, it will create more jobs than it destroys. Hence, it is important to start understanding and learning about Artificial Intelligence and how it is going to affect your sector.

3. Communication Skills – Even today, communication skills hold a major proportion of overall skills. Not just speaking and writing, it is also about negotiating, presentation and team management. Needless to say, companies use their axe on those employees first who create a shell for themselves while working in a team.

4. Technical Skills – When was the last time you took up a course to brush up your technical skills? With time, the skills get outdated and you need to learn the new advancements every now and then. Coursera and Lynda Learning may help you to learn these courses and take up certification courses.

5. Networking – “Network is the Net Worth” holds true in any case – the stronger network you have within your team and the organization, better are your chances to negotiate with the company during the layoff period.

Performance year by year becomes a base for the layoff policies, but many-a-times, companies overlook performance over skill-set and mindset of the employee. Your skills learnt today might save your job tomorrow, think wisely!

Submitted by : Hardik Lashkari

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